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Mini inductive Guard tour System

1.Newest mini guard tour system,break the traditional idea,make the reader smaller,feel relaxed when you carry, reduce repulsive feeling from worker

2.USB communication,no need to install USB driver, transmit speed is triple than normal

3.Upload data automatically off-line,no need to connect with computer,suitable for remote area and without computer area

4.Original integrally injection-molding,no need to worry will lose color for using long life and effect the appearance

5.Vibration and buzzer when reading,can be used at noisy environment

6.Newest mini polymer rechargeable lithium battery, standby power:0.12mA


HUA patrol points

The engineering plastic package memory chips, waterproof. Shockproof. Tamper, easy to install, durable, comes with luminous function, suggesting that tattoo and other functions. It may be embedded in the wall concealed installation, built-in ID code can not be modified. ID card serial number unique. Patrol, logo combo functions Note: 5 cm in diameter.