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Patrol Management System Introduction

HUA Patrol Management System for loopholes and end the industry in the management of safety inspections prone to using radios as a patrol aircraft, realize online real-time patrol through the control center of the system, can also be read by the management system Patrol talkie data offline Patrol. The system can significantly improve the quality and management level security patrol work, to avoid economic losses caused by the loopholes in management and responsibilities clear.


Real time walkie-talkie guard tour system

1.Guard tour system combines walkie-talkie,two in one

2.Reading distance 1-10m

3. Real-time display patrols location,automatic statistical information, real-time analysis, sent to control center automatically

4.Real-time map display

5.Real-time alarm system,alarm can be initiated in case of emergency 


Central Station HUA-101GT

Patrol received information screen is transmitted to the control center computer software, and analysis of information, data collation, power detection, etc., generally a customer only need to configure a can, Roll-distance data transmission of up to three kilometers.


Tour more points HUA-CP9

The engineering plastic packaged chip module, automatically transmit information frequency, built-in lithium battery, it can be a year, easy to install, durable, tips tattoo and other functions. Built-in ID code can modify, reading distance can be 10 meters