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HUA-101 is Petroleum and petrochemical explosion-proof professional guard tour system,Import aviation aluminum material,without any damage when drop from 10m,completely waterproof

Moreover the explosion-proof grade of HUA-101 is ExibIIBT4, it's the first choice for the patrolman who worked at fireproof and explosion-proof place


Oil and Petrochemical explosion-proof guard tour system

1. Waterproof, shockproof: Super imported aviation aluminum,super military grade hard oxidation,10m free fall without damage, completely waterproof design.

2. Storage: 60000 records

3. USB communication: USB, no need to install USB drive,high speed download data.

4. Low power consumption: Standby power consumption is 0.12mA, 2 years standby time.A battery can be used continuously for a year without replacement

5. Reminder:light, buzzer and vibration

6. Size: 140x35x27

7. Weight: 155g

8. Capacity: 16MB


Water test: HUA-101 waterproof rating IP67, water and soak for 24 hours was still able to work

Strong anti-punch recording: HUA-101 imported aviation aluminum, through extra military grade hard anodized to withstand 10 meter free-fall in the cement surface, according to normal use.