No longer is simply boring patrol

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Patrol Patrol is a deceptively simple and responsible job, is it a guarantee of personal and property safety. Particularly in residential buildings, the petrochemical industry is significant. However, some patrol officers for patrol work contradiction, work accidents every year because of negligence caused countless. How can mobilize patrol officers enthusiasm and initiative is very important to make intelligent Patrol Patrol inspection is no longer monotonous, so "easy to manage, happy patrol."

Patrol and other security products different, it is used to manager, but managed to get in the hands of people who have a strong confrontational, strong anti-sabotage is particularly important. Due to the low quality of the user deliberately beat patrol bars, lied accidentally out of the ground; deliberately patrol stick soaked in water, wet rain lied; vandalism Patrol rods communication interface; vandalism patrol rod keys and so on. Therefore, Patrol rods must be able to drop, waterproof, shockproof, no communication interface, no buttons. It is also HUA Patrol System has been doing.

Many people will have such a misunderstanding, that is, after the installation of electronic patrol system, the basic duty without inspection personnel! Electronic Patrol inspection system is only a management tool, not a substitute for inspection staff, inspection during equipment failures found and the deal still need to rely on equipment inspection and maintenance personnel.

Record information transmitted to PC management personnel can read the data collection can be displayed on the screen of the inspection staff of the inspection locations and arrival time, according to pre-determined inspection frequency and time requirements, computer software Automatic statistics punctuality, delays and missed, etc., to provide correct information to the manager. Since the program has been set up inspection staff must arrive at the polling place within the specified time, in order to read the information button and get the records to ensure the objectivity of the reliability of the recording, improved management of the initiative and the work of the inspection staff science, achieve timely detection of safety problems, the purpose of reducing accidents.

Electronic Patrol management system including safety, equipment inspection implement modern methods to quantify dynamic management is an important step in the promotion of the relevant sectors of scientific management. Has worked in a number of different types of large, medium-sized applications, we have achieved good results.

Although electronic Patrol inspection system can not replace the work equipment inspection personnel, but because the system easy to manage and assessment, operability, supervision and evaluation sector management is not only a tool, but also conducive to play equipment inspection staff motivation and work initiative, equipment inspection of the place has improved significantly, more and more business managers.